What Are The Qualities Of A Great Cycling Jersey?

What Are The Qualities Of A Great Cycling Jersey?

When you are shopping for a cycling jersey, you want to make sure that you are buying the best one possible. This is something that will ensure that you don’t have any problems whilst you are riding your bike.

There are several things that you will need to judge the jersey on before you decide to keep it or swap it for a better one. What are the qualities of a great cycling jersey?


The first quality of a great cycling jersey has nothing to do with the material. You should choose a jersey that is cost-effective without being extortionate. You will not want to have to spend so much money on a jersey that it leaves a sizeable hole in your bank balance. Instead, you should choose a jersey that is durable, stylish and cost-effective.

You will find that these jerseys last for a long time so you won’t have to spend lots of money on new clothes.


When you are riding, you will be exposed to the elements and you might also find that you are sprayed with gravel and mud or scratched with tree branches. This means that quality cycling jerseys should be able to withstand all of this punishment without getting permanently stained or torn. You will have to replace a stained or torn jersey and this can be extremely frustrating.


Spandex is an extremely breathable material which allows air to pass through the shirt and cool you down as you are riding along. Shirts used to be made of wool, but this is not ideal because this is a material that traps heat and will make you feel incredibly sweaty. Nowadays, this flexible spandex will make you feel completely comfortable. Different shirts have different levels of breathability, so you need to try out several before you decide which brand is making you the most comfortable.

Water Resistant

Cyclists go out in all weather, and it doesn’t matter if it raining, snowing or there is bright sunshine. Nothing will stop you from getting into the saddle and going for an extremely long ride. Your jersey needs to be able to withstand the elements, which means that it should be waterproof. A sign of a quality jersey is if you are caught in a sudden downpour but your chest and stomach do not get wet at all. You will be confident that you can ride comfortably in all types of weather. This will increase the amount of time that you spend in the saddle, and you can buy several water-resistant jerseys.

Easily Washable

Given the dirt and sweat that can accumulate on a cycling jersey, it is important that the jerseys can be washed easily without being damaged. You will know that your jersey is quality because it will withstand a high amount of washes without showing any signs of wear and tear.

There are many ways to tell that you have bought a quality jersey. Take your time when choosing.


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