Get Comprehensive Coverage With Medicare Supplement Plan G

Get Comprehensive Coverage With Medicare Supplement Plan G

When you are looking for an insurance plan that offers you comprehensive coverage and helps you with certain costs not covered by Original Medicare, the plan which you can consider is the Medicare Supplement Plan G. This plan is one of the two plans – the other being the Medicare Supplement Plan F – which can offer you broadest coverage from among the 10 standard Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans that are neither connected with the US government nor endorsed by it or the federal Medicare program.

With broader coverage being the biggest advantage of Medicare Supplement Plan G, the main costs and benefits which the plan covers include Part A deductible, Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment, Part A hospital coinsurance and hospital costs up to one year after the benefits of Original Medicare are exhausted,

Part B preventive care coinsurance coverage, Part B coinsurance or copayment coverage, Part B excess charges, and first three pints of blood for surgery. In addition, the plan also offers foreign travel emergency coverage, and skilled nursing facility care coinsurance coverage.

However, in terms of benefits, the difference between Plan G and Plan F, both of which offer broad coverage, is that Plan G does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible, and, hence, you have to pay for it out of your pocket.

Meanwhile, just like all the other Medicare Supplement plans, Plan G also follows the laws which have been put in place by the federal and state authorities for ensuring that policyholders are protected. All the plan letters must have the same coverage details, irrespective of where the plan is purchased. The one main difference between Medigap policies of the same letter is the ‘cost’, especially because the cost is largely determined by the rates which are charged for these plans by the insurance companies.

In other words, since the benefits of Medicare Supplement plans are standardized across all letter categories, the same benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan G are available from different insurance companies from which a policy is purchased. But, because of the variations in costs and availability of policy from different insurance companies and at different locations, you should try to get the best value for Plan G by shopping around for the plan carefully.

In conclusion, when you carry out a search for making a side-by-side comparison between the benefits of different plans, you should ideally make use of one of the plan finder tools available online. With the help of such a tool you can easily view the Medicare Supplement plans in the service area of your place of residence. For comparing Plan G benefits, you merely have to enter your zip code into a plan finder tool, and see all the benefits of the plan in comparison to the nine other Medigap plans. In addition, for any other kind of information about Plan G, you can call up a licensed health insurance agency which is certified to sell Medicare products. Remember, when you make such a call, all your questions related to Medicare products are answered by a licensed insurance agent.

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